Rolling Thunder® NC 6

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All Members of the Executive Board, the Board of Directors as well as the General Membership donate their time and efforts because they believe in the cause for which we stand. They perform their duties in good faith, in the best interest of the corporation and in keeping with the mission of Rolling Thunder® Inc. 
Please feel free to contact any one serving on the Executive Board or the Chairman of the Board through email by clicking on their name below.
President: Perry Kesler
V President: Ron Tuttle
Secretary: Stephanie Canoy
Treasurer: Mike Satterfield
Chairman: Lee Stimpson
Board Member: Jody Pickett
Board Member: Tony Thomas
Board Member: Sabrina Hadley
Board Member: Don Adams
Board Member: Robin Brown
Board Member: Danny Hedrick
Alternate: Melissa Cook
Alternate: Tom Glasscock
Executive Board
The Executive Board (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer) are responsible for the general supervision and daily operation of the affairs of the Chapter. The Executive Board shall have full power and authority over this operation except in matters that the Executive Board believes should be referred to the Chapter Board of Directors. They will perform their duties in the best interest of the Chapter in compliance with the Rolling Thunder® Inc. Constitution.
Board of Directors
The Board of Directors (Chairman, Board Members and Alternates) make executive decisions on the organizations financial and official structure and others as referred by the Executive Board in the best interest of the organization.