Rolling Thunder® NC 6

Junior Membership

Junior membership in Rolling Thunder® Inc. is open to anyone under age 18 with an interest in educating the public regarding the POW☆​​MIA (Prisoner of War-Missing In Action) issue regardless of race, color, creed or sex. All junior members must be sponsored by an adult chapter member.

Honorary Membership

Anyone who was a Prisoner Of War, their wife or husband, Gold Star Mothers or Medal of Honor (CMH) Recipients will have a free membership in Rolling Thunder® Inc. provided they present legal documentation of their status.

REGULAR MembershiP

Rolling Thunder®, Inc. is NOT a Motorcycle Club or Gang. A membership in Rolling Thunder®, Inc is open to anyone with an interest in educating the public regarding the POW☆​​MIA (Prisoner of War-Missing In Action) issue regardless of race, color, creed or sex. All persons must be 18 years of age or older. You do not have to be a Veteran or ride a motorcycle to join.

All Members of this organization must be willing to help fight for the prisoner of war / missing in action issue, which still exists. To help protect future veterans from becoming POW-MIAs and to help veterans in need from all wars.

Every member must abide by the constitution of Rolling Thunder®, Inc.

Rolling Thunder® Inc. relies on volunteers to donate their time to keep it going. If you cannot volunteer your time and attend meetings, please do not sign up for membership in our organization. We can only accept you as a member if you can donate your time. 

Members in the Military are exempt from meetings and events only when they are on Official Duty, TAD, TDY, Deployed or under PCS orders. At all other times, Military members must attend meetings and events. If deployed, they will remain a member of the Chapter they joined until they return or transfer to another chapter.

In order to remain a member in good standing attending a minimum of three meetings and three events every year is required.

You may attend meetings and events as a non-member.


Membership dues are $40 per year and due during the month of January. If a member’s dues are not collected within thirty (30) days from the February meeting, the Chapter may terminate membership.


All members (excluding junior members) will receive a Rolling Thunder®, Inc. Membership Boot patch (from their Chapter) when they become a full member at the end of a 120-day period. 

If a member meets his/her obligations before the 120 days are up they are entitled to receive their Boot patch no earlier than 90 days, provided they meet all other loyalty and conduct requirements. 

A new member must attend three meetings or events, or a combination thereof, during the 120-day trial period to become a full member. Anyone who joins and does not meet his/her obligation will be terminated from this organization. 

After a member completes his/her first year (from the date they receive their boot patch) as a member in good standing then they will be issued the Eagle & Rocker, which is the property of Rolling Thunder®, Inc. National. 

A $50.00 boot patch deposit is required before the new member receives the boot patch. Before any new member receives their back patch they must pay the balance of $100.00 patch deposit totaling $150.00. Rolling Thunder®, Inc. National will hold all new members deposits made on patches. Membership patches are the property of Rolling Thunder®, Inc. National.


Membership applications may be obtained by attending a chapter meeting. We do not email or mail out membership applications. Please check our calendar for the next meeting.


We thank you for considering membership in Rolling Thunder® Inc. NC Chapter 6.


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